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Here's what people have to say about April...



“With a moving and powerful performance by April Sigman-Marx as Helen Jones, the play journeys from a story of a young woman's desire for freedom to her tragedy painted by society's expectations.

The source for Helen's unhappiness and the distance between Helen and Jones, was stunningly riveting and evident in April Sigman-Marx and Tom Trudgen's performances.

Before the show even began at 8:00 pm - at 7:55pm, April Sigman-Marx appeared on stage in front of the audience, wandering between her bed, her room, and her belongings. Touching her gloves, her clothes, her pillows, and being mesmerized by the lampshade representative of the moonlight that grabs hold of Helen's attention, Sigman-Marx had the audience captivated before the lights even went down. 

As the play progresses, Sigman-Marx brings the audience to a new level of understanding that was higher than before, with each flawless monologue delivered.


April Sigman-Marx's portrayal of Helen Jones was nothing short of stunning and real. As the play came to an end and the bright spotlights flashed and blinded the room, the audience rose to their feet as she received her well-deserved standing ovation."

-Broadway World



"Sigman-Marx excels in all of it, managing always to display Helen’s ill-at-ease core, regardless of what milieu is being reflected off her surface. Viewing Sigman-Marx up close (in my case, from the third row) only helps to reveal how good she is, able to display facially even the subtlest of the hairpin turns of the association-of-ideas style with which Treadwell imbues her. But even in the back row of the auditorium no-one could miss how commandingly Sigman-Mark fires off Helen’s machine-gun monologs. This is easily one of the greatest theatrical roles of the first half of the 20th century, and Sigman-Marx is equal to the task."

-Random Length News

"Regan {Played by: April Sigman-Marx} has a bloodthirsty streak to her personality, and there are some fantastic moments where she truly delights in it, to the point that you wonder if this isn’t perhaps her truest self at last. For example, after killing the servant who tried to stop Cornwall from blinding Gloucester, Regan actually licks the dagger. And she takes great joy in that wonderful line, “Let him smell his way to Dover.” April Sigman-Marx is particularly good in this scene, and the moment when she steps away from her husband when he asks for her hand is chilling."

-Mostly Shakespeare

Student Evaluation Comments

What contributed most to your learning in this course?

“April’s openness and easy‐to-approach personality”

“Professor’s way of communicating”

“The interaction of the Professor”

“Her enthusiasm”

“April always made you comfortable to do whatever acting exercise”

“Her ability to make class interactive and fun”

“All the Classwork, she knew what she was doing”

“Cheerful, helpful, relatable”

“Her engagement and eagerness got us involved”

“Feedback after our performances helped us to improve our acting”

What suggestions or recommendations do you think would help your instructor prepare to teach this course again?

“Keep doing what you do April! It was a pleasure being your student”

“Everything’s good”

“Keep being fun!”

“Nothing, she did a great job”

“Nothing, you were wonderful”

“She is already good”

“Keep up the great work”

“Great Class, Great Teacher”

“To just continue being herself”

“Stay the same, she’s great”

“Great class”

Student Feedback

"Thank you so much for being the BEST coach I have had. You taught me that in order to reach your goal you have to work hard and put your best foot forward."

--Gerson, Private Coaching Student

"Professor Sigman marx is caring, compassionate, and kind! She pushes her students to let go of the imaginary limits we place on ourselves. She creates a space in which her students can be brave and vulnerable with one another."

-Intro to Acting Student

"Im not a theater major but I absolutely loved this class with April! She is truly an angel sent from heaven. She really cares about her students and making sure they're all comfortable. She teaches us that its okay to fail and to not be sorry." 

-Intro to Acting Student

"Her class really gets you out of your comfort zone and its so much fun. You will learn a lot from her about acting, as well as about yourselves...She's great and you'll love her."

-Intro to Acting Student

"I love April! She is so absolutely AMAZING. Definitely my favorite prof by far. I genuinely believe that she cares about each and every one of her students. She taught us to not be afraid of failure. She creates an extremely open, non-judgmental, and fun environment for the class."

 -Intro to Acting Student

"I LOVED April and this class...I learned to open up more and to actually enjoy interacting with others. April showed us to not be afraid of failure, a lesson to always remember."

 -Intro to Acting Student

"April is an absolute gem. I wish I was studying something that would continuously put me back in her classes. Her 113 theatre class is fantastic..."

-Intro to Acting Student

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